10 Tips On How To Choose A Large Purse

Celebrities love a large purse. In fact, the bigger the better. Celebrities love to be photographed with them, whether out on the town or going to the gym. Personally, it would make me nervous to bring a bag worth several thousand dollars to the gym and leave it out of my sight, but I am sure these luxury exercise suites have luxury lockers to accommodate their clientele's luxury goods. Big bags are getting bigger and better They can be used for everyday wear, for travelling or for the gym. They are very flexible and can be used for multi-purposes. But what do you need to look for when buying a new bag?

Buying a large purse


 But many celebrities are given these designer bags free, for publicity purposes. It is a cheap way for fashion designers and high end brands to get easy publicity when the paparazzi takes pictures of the stars for magazines. These shots end up on social media and in the blink of an eye, the large purse carried by the celeb is suddenly the new fashion icon of the time.

Due to social media exposure, the trend to carry a large purse is catching on and the average consumer is now also fanatical about them. Fashionista’s want to be seen carrying the same bag as their favorite celebrity. There are some things that you should know if you want to buy a large purse, and I thought I would share those tips with you.

  1.  Make sure the material it is made from is durable for carrying regularly and it will stand up to any hard knocks etc. Beware of bags with sequences or little beads or pieces that can fall off easily.
  2. A water resistant material is ideal to protect your stuff from the rain.
  3. Choose a color that will go with most of your outfits. If the color is too loud it could clash with all or some of you clothes.
  4. Quality is also a big factor to consider when buying a big over-sized handbag to carry around this year. Check out the stitch work, fabric and pockets to make sure that it is durable and will not fall apart after just a few outings.
  5. Make sure there is room inside of the bag for what you need. The outside of a large purse can be deceiving and not be roomy enough inside. Some tricks designers use to make the bag look bigger is pockets and pouches, the less of these attachments the better.
  6. Make sure that the inside is well designed with dividers and pockets so that you can organize your stuff well.
  7. Check the weight of the bag. If it is too heavy, it could cause you back or neck pain.
  8. Make sure the bag is in proportion with your body size. Petite woman should not carry a large purse which is too big and too heavy for them. It may be tempting to get into the trend of carrying a large purse but really how big is too big? I think that over-sized bags do not look good on petite woman. It looks out of proportion with the rest of your body.
  9. Make sure the bag is value for money – it is often better to buy a quality leather from a lesser known brand than to buy low-end fabric bag from an expensive top brand.
  10. Choose a bag appropriate for the occasion. A large purse is not always the best choice for every occasion. They are great for every day wear, business, for travelling, and for the gym, but not so suitable for evening wear, the races or for going to a wedding.

And one last tip - if your large purse is made of leather check out the way the leather was tanned to ensure it is safe. Check out my previous blog for details.

Fashion and style is something that most pop-stars know really well. If you are a fan of celebrities you will notice a trend to carry a big, a really big large purse. But do you really need one so big? Choose wisely and do not get caught up in the fever. Decide what you really need to carry around with you – cell-phone, computer, extra pair of shoes, extra clothing, make-up, personal items, water bottle, snacks? But be reasonable here. The more you carry the heavier your bag will be and therefore the more at risk you are of developing an injury. It comes down to what you really need to have with you at all times. Remember that not all fashion trends will work for everyone.


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