10 Things That Luxury Handbag Collectors Have In Common

Luxury handbag collectors are obsessed. Some people collect stamps, coins, butterflies or other weird things but some people have a luxury handbag collection. These luxury handbag lovers have developed a lot of knowledge about bags and have information about all brands at their fingertips.

Luxury handbag collection

Luxury handbag collectors have a few things in common:

Luxury handbag lovers find their bags to be wonderful accessories which can brighten up any outfit and add a touch of class

  1. They love their bags to be the topic of conversation and admired by friends. Others may be a little envious of your luxury handbag collection so tell them you got it for a steal on e-bay
  2. Collectors love to have the same bag in multiple colors, leathers or sizes. For a luxury handbag lover this is not ridiculous or wasteful – it is common sense to like what you like hand have a variety, and sometimes you like a big black bag. Other times, you want the same bag to be little and pink
  3. Fancy leather is one of life’s little luxuries and once they have experienced it it’s hard for them to go back to enjoying things that are merely average
  4. A collector knows that a luxury handbag can last a lifetime but they require proper care and storage. Even if you’re not super careful with your bags, you know that they should be kept in their dust-bags in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight and feed leather regularly. If you’re extra careful, stuff them with tissue to maintain their shapes when not in use. Handbag maintenance requires more attention to detail than regular clothing, for better or for worse
  5. A lover of handbags will plan a whole outfit around their new bag. This is perfectly rational. In fact, I would go so far as to say that if you buy a new handbag and don’t immediately plan an outfit for its debut, you should probably return it because you don’t like it enough
  6. Collectors believe that you can actually save money on the rest of your wardrobe by having a selection of great handbags. Okay, so the maths might be a little wonky, but hear me out: carrying a nice bag automatically makes everything you’re wearing look more expensive, so who’s to say that your Zara sweatpants aren’t actually Rag & Bone? We all have a finite amount of money to spend on our wardrobes, and if nothing else, a bag is a great diversion
  7. Luxury handbag lovers truly believe that people really do treat them differently. Whether they realise it or not, everyone has little cues about social status, and they do it all day, every day. Even someone who’s not obsessed with fashion can usually tell when someone’s outfit is expensive and sophisticated, and high-status people tend to get better treatment in stores, restaurants–everywhere. Because the brand of a luxury handbag is easily recognisable and usually carried prominently on the body, they’re a great shortcut
  8. Luxury handbag collectors are passionate, and any argument about handbags being too expensive or fashion too shallow will not change their minds or their habits
  9. The experience of buying a new luxury handbag is second only to the bag itself. Whether it is perusing the handbag floor at a beautiful department store or unwrapping the bag they purchased on line it is just a lot of fun. The anticipation is so worth it.

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