A Large Purse Carries Our Lives

It is true - for most of us a large purse carries our lives. A large purse allows us to get organised for  a convenient weekend getaway, an overnight stay or professionally for a business meeting , college vlass, and  all sorts of other everyday use.  A large purse is great for men or women alike, adding functionality as well as style to your everyday working week.

Designer Large Purse


The size of the typical handbag has increased to meet the need of modern men and women on the go. Nowadays a large purse carries all our personal items from our keys, our phones, our I-pads, our laptops, our make-up, our feminine items, our books, our umbrellas and much, much more.  Really, our bags now carries our lives.

For generations, handbags have been used to demonstrate signs of wealth and many men and women these days crave labelled brands as an indicator of status. A large purse first came into popularity in the early 1900's and the term handbag was initially used to refer to hand-held luggage most often carried by men. At this time, it was considered lady-like to carry as little as possible and a small bag was typical.

In fact, it is noted that Eleanor Roosevelt was one of the first women to start the trend of carrying a larger handbags which was not really typical of the time.

Eleanor Roosevelt

The trend of "It Bags"  rose in popularity in the early 20th century. An “It Bag” is an idiomatic term used by the fashion industry to describe a brand or type of high-priced designer handbag by makers such as Chanel, Hermès or Fendi that became popular best-sellers. These must have bags were otherwise known as status bags and gave women a status symbol which they saw as being very important. The “It Bag” was seen as the must-have fashion accessory by celebrities and fashionistas who longed to be seen as the stylists of the year. 

A good handbag has become a sign of good breeding. A designer large purse is a good way to exhibit both wealth and good taste and can also reflect a woman's climb up the corporate ladder. In the 80's, as women began “power dressing” in shorter skirts, sharply tailored suits and killer heels, their handbags soon followed suit becoming bigger and flashier.

But while women and men are advised to invest as much money as they can in a good quality leather handbag it does not have to cost the earth. This is because quality leather, especially Italian leather, lasts a long time and always looks good.  A well-made bag can hide the fact that maybe your clothes are not as well-made or fashionable. A large purse is still trendy in 2017.

The good news is that these days you do not need to spend a fortune on a really good quality designer large purse. There are so many options available now and even many celebrities are opting to buy quality value for money bags over brand name bags which cost thousands of dollars.

And these days it is the men's turn to benefit from carrying a large purse whether for business, sport, travel or just casual wear, a man looks very chic and masculine carrying a trendy large purse. While women have lots of fabulous handbags to choose from, modern men often face the challenge of finding something to carry all their stuff in that doesn't look too feminine.  That is why man bags such as messenger bags and satchels have become so popular again. These are the masculine version of a large purse.

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