Carry On Luggage Needs To Be Light Weight

I often travel with just carry on luggage, but every time I travel I have a panic attack about whether or not I have meet the airlines guidelines and whether I will be charged some whopping big fee to have the carry on luggage checked through because it is too heavy. Or the embarrassment of having to repack your bag at the check in counter in front of all those people!!

Leather Carry On Luggage


The importance of carry on luggage has escalated since most airlines now charge two types of air fair. Those with checked in bags and those with carry on luggage only. The difference in fares can be quite substantial. And the problem is that if you get it wrong the charge to check your bag in at the airport is so much higher than if you had paid for it at the time of purchasing your ticket.

The dilemma is that most types of carry on luggage on the market meet the criteria for dimensions - the size of the bag is okay, but most are much too heavy. When I started my new job and had to travel a lot on aircraft I decided to purchase a new set of carry on luggage to optimise the weight I was allowed to have.

Most airlines allow you to take on carry on luggage weighing between 7 kg and 10 kg which is not very much particularly for those airlines with limits at the lower end of the weight scale. Unfortunately most carry on luggage I found weighed between 2.4kg and about 5 kg at the upper end of the scale. Now this does not give you much flexibility with weight.

This means you can only pack between 2kg to 7.6kg of weight depending on the difference between the weight of your bag and the airlines limitations. So how do you pack for a 7 kg limit?

The number one rule is to use a bag that is lightweight to give you as much packing space as possible.  Now when you weigh up just a few essential items you may need to pack into your carry on luggage you could be looking at 7 - 10 kilos without the weight of the bag. Now most people need to take a pair of shoes, underwear, clothes for a few days, something warm just in case, toiletries make up, medicines, chargers for phones etc. It doesn't take long to add up does it? So what do you leave behind? You can really only carry necessities. 

When I travelLed recently I took a separate computer bag/large purse and placed it in my leather carry on luggage when I got through check in.  I personally love leather so my travel bag is leather - you may think that would be heavier, but actually leather bags can be reasonably light weight. The thing that adds most to the weight of a bags is the wheels, so I often use a leather backpack instead. 

leather backpack

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The space is not the problem with carry on luggage, it is the weight. So if you could eliminate the weight of the bag you could fit more in couldn't you? So I have I searched and searched for the best light weight leather carry on luggage bags.

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 leather carry on luggage

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