Get Top Quality Leather Bags For Lower Prices

More and more women are using the Internet for their fashion shopping to find individual and unique designs and stunning quality that they simply cannot find on the high street. This is so for designer handbags as well where more women, including well known celebrities, are opting to buy quality over brand name. They are looking to get top quality leather bags for lower prices. 

Get Top Quality Leather Bags For Lower Prices

As proof of this fact, The Purse Blog wrote an article recently entitled "This Week, Multiple A-Listers Have Carried Designer Bags That Retail for Under $400"  I found this article very exciting because this is the aim of my website - to bring top quality leather bags to people for less. I believe that there are seven keys to a perfect bag..and brand name is not one of them.


Get your designer bag for well under $400 at

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  Purse lovers 

For years now the fashion industry has considered good quality leather such as cow, calf, sheepskin and crocodile leathers as the best money can buy and top fashion houses have designed their own iconic designs which have become the trademark of their brand. “Trademark” designer handbags such as the Berkin have made a name for themselves amongst the fashion conscious and those who know the purse market well. Purse lovers  and Pursesholics obsess with branded bags and will pay several thousands of dollars for one. The look for the ultimate "It Bag" to add to their collection.

But why do women love branded handbags so much and  are these bags really value for money when you can get a similar bag of the same or even better quality for much less. Well the answer is for prestige and status symbol. A good quality handbag has been the sign of wealth for centuries. 

The fact is that many of these iconic designer bags are made in the same factories in China as unbranded quality leather handbags and other than the logo you cannot tell the difference between a branded bag and an unbranded one. But with branded bags you are paying over the top for the brand name, not just for the bag itself.  Unbranded bags coming from these same factories are all made by the same craftsmen with a dedication to designing and producing leather handbags of extremely high standards.

But do check who you are buying from because producing better quality genuine leather handbag products is unique in an industry where many leather handbag factories have cut corners to maximize profits by using cheaper inferior materials and inexperienced designers.

The Large Purse Shop Is Quality Personified

Fortunately, my supplier in China has earned a really good reputation for the quality of its leather and craftsmanship and has become an internationally recognized purveyor of chic and trendy real leather handbags, so the bags sold in my store are quality personified!

The Large Purse Shop has a collection of popular designed leather handbags that are must-haves for any fashion-conscious woman. The attention to detail in the design and the superior level of quality in both production and genuine leather material is something that most high-street handbags cannot offer.

With our superior quality, we are aiming at the more discerning elegant, luxury chic market, who desires quality over brand name. We have set our price range in the low hundreds rather than in the thousands, and this makes our handbags value for money and affordable for most men and women.

We offer super top quality leather handbags with stunning styles and competitive prices to both men and women. For years now  we have been following our mission statement to make your shopping experience as convenient and rewarding as possible, and offer our customers the best price available in the leather bag industry. And thousands of satisfied customers are proof of our success. 

We offer new styles of exquisite handmade leather handbags every month. Our professional product development  team have long  been involved in the  fashion industry and keep up to date with the latest trends.

We offer super top quality. With extremely competitive prices, we sell only high quality leather bags. All leather handbags and leather purses are subject to stringent QC inspection before shipping out.

We also offer the best-fast shipment  to deliver your order to your door. Most stock is available for quick delivery next day (after payment confirmed) and you will get the goods in 3-5 working days, while other leather handbags suppliers don't keep stock and only produce after getting the order and deposit.



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