Is A Large Purse Still Trendy in 2017

When you go to a shopping mall or anywhere out and about you will probably notice that there is a huge variety of handbags made of all types of fabric in a myriad of colors. But what I notice most is that most women still seem to carry a large purse and they even seem to be getting bigger. In fact, many women carry bags which are so large and so full that they probably are not comfortable to carry.

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Is Your large Purse Causing You Pain?

Personally, I do not carry a large purse because they tend to aggravate my bad back. But I do love them so much. And it is true that if you regularly carry bags that are too heavy you can cause damage to your shoulder or back so some caution is advised. Don’t carry too much in it, change shoulders often, take bag carrying breaks, or carry the bag in front for awhile to rest your shoulders. If you are going for a night on the town, you are probably are not going to bring a hobo bag along with so rest your shoulders with a smaller bag, an evening bag or a clutch.

Do be aware of the health risks of carrying a big heavy bag and you can carry as big of a bag as you please. Declare your large bag pride to the world.

But, of course, carrying a large purse doesn't necessarily mean it's heavy; maybe you just carry around tissues and feathers! While this isn't likely true for most people you really do need to ask yourself "Why are you carrying so much stuff with you?" and cull out the rubbish you do not need.

Other people say that really big bags are going out of fashion and query if a large purse is still trendy in 2017 but I am not so sure. If you are not a slave to fashion trends or to social media judgement, you really won’t care if they're in vogue or not. If you like a large purse, then they are very much in style.

 Celebrities Still Love A Large Purse

Fashion and style is something that most popstars follow – they like to be photographed wearing the latest trends.  If you are a fan of celebrities and follow them on social media you will notice that they still tend to favour a large purse -  big large handbags which are really big, maybe even large enough to use it as a travel bag.

One of reasons famous people need such big purses is because they want to make sure they have everything they need in between movie shoots or concerts. It must be hard being on the road so much and I would guess that there is no time to stop at the store because of all the paparazzi around taking pictures.

Another reason is that they want to be noticed and a trendy large purse makes a fashion statement. They want to show off their wealth and style. But thankfully many celebrities are using their common sense and are now buying bags that are value for money rather than spending thousands on brand name bags.

Another reason a celebrity carries the latest designer bags is that they are paid to do so and/or  get given the latest model for marketing purposes. Of course big fashion houses love to see their bags being worn by celebrities  and photographed and shown on social media - the best advertising out.

In fact social media is the best place to see what bags are fashionable and what the stars are wearing.

Many Celebrities Now Opt For Value 

At one point in time people may have thought that if you are going to haul around a large purse, then  make sure it has a recognizable designer label to go with it. What was the use of everyone seeing you with a satchel, tote or bulky bag if they cannot appreciate that you are fashion conscious and a trendsetter. But those days are gone and a good quality, well designed bag is starting to triumph over overpriced, oversized bags.

 How Big Is Too Big?

It may be tempting to get into the trend of carrying a suitcase around as a purse but really, how big is too big? I am so amazed to see how many small woman try to lug around a huge handbag full of stuff. Oversized bags do not look good on petite woman. It just is out of proportion with the rest of their body.

Not to mention distracting from your fashionable outfit. Medium sized bags will look better for your frame and shoulders. Just think how much less stuff you will need to carry with a smaller purse. It is hard to come to grips that not all fashion trends will work for everyone.

Choose wisely and do not get caught up in the fever. I know you want to keep an extra pair of shoes and your work out yoga pants in your purse along with your makeup, hair products and snacks for in case you get hungry, but let’s be reasonable here.

It comes down to what you really need to have with you at all times. Cell phones are a priority as well as your favorite lipstick and other personal items. Even keeping an extra pair of earrings is always good idea but I think you should leave the kitchen sink at home.

 What Will Your Bag Be Used For?

When choosing which bag to take you need to consider several factors. Will you be travelling on a long trip? or will you be just going out for the night? Even day wear purses have a purpose. Just remember that it is best to use your large purse for the right occasion.

A big bag used at the wrong time could be a disaster. For instance, if you have been invited to dinner it may not be a good idea to carry a doctor’s bag to the fancy restaurant.

Same goes for a business meeting or luncheon it may give the wrong impression.

Save your large bowling bag for those two and three-day weekend trips with your friends and family. It just is more practical and can save you some embarrassing moments.

 Why Choose a Large Purse

Until recently, I , myself,  have been carrying a large purse since I was a girl. My first bag was nothing really special but I loved it. It was made of faux black and pink leather and cost the same as my first week’s pay – I had been saving for a month to buy this expensive, large purse. The reason I wanted it was simply I had because it was big and in my mind, bigger equated to better.

Fast forward several years, and I am still enchanted by a large purse. There was a time when all my purses had to be large, or else I had no interest in carrying them. Even the clutches I owned were large and envelope style, ensuring I could fit a book comfortably into it. But as I have grown older and with a back injury I tend to carry smaller bags but still yearn for a larger one.

The reason I carried such big bags is probably similar to most women's logic: One reason was that it was trendy to do so and you met a social need. But the real reason was because it allowed me to carry my life around. When I could fit my laptop, reading material, phone, snacks, chargers, and more into my bag, it meant that I was prepared for any occasion. It also meant I didn’t have to stop home as much as someone who isn't carrying a large bag might,  

 Summer/Spring Trends for 2017

 An article in “Fashionisers”  indicates that whilst a large purse is still in style for Summer/Spring 2017, it is not the only style which is in fashion. Trends range from super larger than life duffel type bags to min sized, teeny tiny Thumbelina purses. Bags this season are also:

  •  Metallic and shiny,
  • Have add on attachments,
  • Have a drawstring top,
  • Springtime Floral Prints and Appliqués,
  • Mimic the Jungle with Animal Prints and Furs,
  • Are made of fabrics with Hippie Dippy Trippy Prints,
  • Have fringe and tassels
  • Made of snakeskin
  • Have chain straps
  • Rounded handles
  • Stylish reusable grocery bags
  • Bags that are designed sideways
  • Bags with messages
  • Box purses
  • Clutches
  • Backpacks
  • Fanny packs
  • Woven picnic basket bags
  • Bags with bizarre shapes
  • Bags shaped like an animal, object or a creature etc
  • Hand Held Side-Strap Bags
  • Glamorous Hobos
  • Satchel Bags

 So, as you can see, a large purse is definitely trendy and  still in fashion, but also so are mini bags and lots of other bags of many shapes, sizes and designs. What the designers are now saying is the trend is up to you carry what you like and what looks good and feels comfortable. Designers of handbags are listening to social media trends and making bags to suit. It is up to you really – wear whatever style of bag you like.






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