Leather Doctor's Bags Make Great Business Bags

Leather doctor's bags are very important tools of the trade in the medical profession, especially for those medics who do house calls. The content of them will vary according to the individual doctor and their pattern of work. General Practitioners working in remote locations obviously have very different requirements from a doctor working in an inner city practice. General Practitioners doing home visits, as well as emergency personnel, need leather doctor's bags to carry some, or all of the necessary equipment and medications they will need.

Leather Doctor's Bags 

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A fully equipped doctor’s bag for emergency care and routine visits may need to contain:

  • auriscope
  • disposable gloves
  • equipment for maintaining an airway in both adults and children
  • in-date medicines for medical emergencies
  • ophthalmoscope
  • practice stationery (including prescription pads and letterhead)
  • sharps container
  • sphygmomanometer
  • stethoscope
  • syringes and needles in a range of sizes
  • thermometer
  • tongue depressors
  • torch

Because a medic may have to carry prescription drugs and painkillers such as morphine, the bag has to be secure according to governmental regulations. 

Take a moment to check out our range. You'll find a collection of distinctively styled leather doctor's bags that are certain to please even the most discriminating taste. Made in Italy, they are made with the highest quality Italian calf-skin leather to ensure years of good looks and dependability. These authentic Italian leather doctor's bags will stand up to the rigor of busy visiting medical practitioners or vets and will look just as good in five years as they do on the day you purchased.

Leather doctor's bags also appeal to a broader range of people other than just the medical fraternity. Vets, nurses, midwives, physios are obvious candidates for their work as well especially if they do a lot of home visits. But because they are so roomy and well designed, they may also appeal to the businessman or college professor who has lots of papers and books to carry. In accordance with state and territory legislation in most countries, they have to be secure, so they make an ideal business bag too.

Leather doctor's bags are not only practical and functional, but stylish as well, so they can be put to use for any type of task you could want. We feature a variety of styles and types and in a broad range of prices as well. Make your selection online today. We feature a very quick order processing and delivery system! Remember to check out the range of colors each bag comes in as well.





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