The Purseaholic - A Poem

The Purseaholic by Mary Laloli



A Purseaholic has more bags than shoes

There's bags of green and bags of blue

They want a bag for every gift

Oh yes those bags give them such a lift

 When out shopping in the mall

 The large purse shop is their sole port of call

 Their bags are full of interesting stuff

 For in their bags there is never enough

 They cram it full with this and that

 Always a topic for an exciting chat

 When they go out they have a friend

 On no-one else they need depend

 When out for coffee or a bit of cheer

 They even ask for an extra chair

 Oh this is for my bag they say

 In case it might want to run away

 So my friend just love your bag

 Enjoy the moment, you will never be sad



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