The Top 7 Reasons Italian Leather Is Regarded As Being The Very Best

Italian leather products are demanded all around the world because they are regarded as being the very best. This is because of their good quality, high standards and craftsmanship.

 The top 7 reasons Italian leather is the very best are:

  1.  Well the fact is that leather producers in Italy consistently produce very high quality products compared with other regions of the world. The craftsmanship that goes into producing an Italian leather product is of the very highest standard.
  2. The highest quality hides, natural vegetable and plant extracts, and dyes are used in the tanning and coloring process.
  3. Italian leather is made to last! It is extremely hard wearing and able to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use, most scratches or scrapes can be simply wiped away!
  4. Italian leather, particularly vegetable tanned leather, is unique! No one item is exactly the same. It comes with its own natural markings which give the leather an individual and antique look.
  5. It is classic fashion! Italian leather is regarded as the best in the world of fashion. It oozes sophistication, style and good taste, and is used my most of the top fashion houses. 
  6. It will stand the test of time. Italian leather ages beautifully gaining unique antique looks. It is easy to care for and will look good many years on.
  7. It is value for money and does not have to be overly expensive.

The reason for this is that much more care and attention go in to making Italian leather products than any other leather product in the world. The craft of producing Italian leather has often been passed down from father to son over the generations. Italian leather producers are craftsmen who know their trade well.

Italian Leather production

In fact, ancient civilizations have been working with leather for thousands of years, and Italy has been famous for its leather production for centuries. Areas such as Florence and Milan are particularly well-known for their leather. Milan which is Italy's capital of fashion produces leather fashions which are out of this world. I brought an Italian leather bag in Italy over 20 years ago which is still looks good and in style today.

The hides are carefully chosen so that only the best are used. Italian leather producers also use high quality natural vegetable and plant extracts to turn hides into Italian leather. Much of the leather processing is done by hand, so it is not mass produced and the process takes much longer than it would to produce cheaper alternatives. Checks are conducted all throughout the process to ensure the finest, durable, long-lasting, supple leather products are produced.

There are a wide range of Italian leather products available on the market, from luxury handbags to home furnishings to leather upholstery in cars. There is nothing quite as lavish as a well-made Italian leather handbag. It expresses good taste and reflects a great sense of fashion.

Italian leather purses


Italian leather is used almost exclusively by the top fashion houses. Italian brands tend to lead the fashion world, so Italian leather has come to be closely linked with quality, fashion, and good taste. Italy sets the standards for more contemporary fashion houses to follow. People are willing to pay a premium for products made with Italian leather, because they know they are getting a product of such high quality it will last for years.

Italian leather looks good, feels good and smells good. Because it is good!

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