The Value Of Purse Hooks

Purse hooks, otherwise known as a handbag hook, bag hanger, handbag hanger, or a bag hook are great handbag accessories to use when dining out at cafes and restaurants. Purse hooks are accessories which attach to the table to which you can then attach your bag to prevent it from being snatched by bag thieves. It keeps your bag in sight and by your side. It keeps your bag safe.

Purse Hook

You can use purse hooks for hanging your purse, bag, groceries, umbrella or any item that can be hung and needs to be kept close. They can even be helpful in public toilets to hang your bag on the door so that it will not be contaminated by infectious microbes from the floor of the toilet.

 Don’t risk ruining your favorite handbag by dumping it on a dirty floor. Purse hooks are a great way to protect your precious handbag and its contents from damage when at work or when out. Use purse hooks at your desk to keep your bag off the floor and out of the dirt and dust, at a bar or when at a cafe. Even Queen Elizabeth II is reported to use purse hooks when she is out and about.

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Practical and stylish, purse hooks are a compact disc that can be carried in your pocket or in your handbag. When you’re ready to use the purse hooks, simply unfold the hook section and place it over the edge of a table. The hook simply slips back into place with a little pressure, ready to be packed away in its own beautiful velvet pouch.

 Purse hooks are strong enough to hold a bag weighing up to 15 lb (6.8 kg). Most people find this is more than enough to hang their handbag and its contents securely and safely on the edge of the table.

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