What Are Leather Chest Bags?

Leather chest bags for men are a type of sling bag and are perfect for everyday urban life. When you’re looking for something a little more convenient than a backpack or messenger bag for everyday use or to keep weight down on a hike, or for other casual wear, you might try out a chest bag, otherwise know as a sling bag.These single strap shoulder slings are designed to be light and compact and can be worn in 3 different ways  - over the shoulder, behind the back or in front of the chest. Leather chest bags are is a multi-function bag which you can use as backpack, shoulder bag or as a front pack. 

leather chest bags


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Chest bags are specific kinds of messenger bags only they are significantly smaller than a common messenger bag.  The sling best worn with its single strap across your chest, or across your back evenly distributing the weight of its contents across your upper body, thus protecting your back, neck and shoulders from injury or strain. Some chest bags even have interchangeable clip positions that allow you to alternate shoulders if you get tired of carrying your sling on a particular side.
Like messenger bags, chest bags can be made in all sorts of fabrics ranging from nylon, to canvas and PU leather to genuine leather. Obviously genuine leather chest bags are the best because they last - they are timeless. Man bags made from leather are the ultimate in fashion and an be use for all sorts of occasions - business or pleasure. Leather chest bags are truly iconic and you can never go wrong with one.


Leather chest bags are suitable for daily use because you can carry all your essentials like wallet, phone, keys and sunglasses. There is usually pockets and/ or compartments so you can easily organise your belongings. Some sling bags only have one main compartment with a few simple slots for a cell phone or a tablet. Carrying your stuff in a bag like this saves your pockets from bulging and makes sure your things are safe.  A leather chest bag is particularly good to use when travelling. It is a more sophisticated version of a bum bag. 

The advantage of a sling bag is that when it is worn as a front pack it is easy to get access to your wallet, or your camera, or your papers or passport. And the other good thing is that a sling bag  can easily be re-positioned when your shoulders or back get tired or sore.

A practical consideration when choosing a man bag  is the capacity . As leather chest bags are smaller, make sure your phone, I-pad or laptop fit.of a given sling bag. Choose a  large enough chest bag with a compartment that can fit whatever it is that you need to carry around. The same should be said for the depth of the bag you choose if you haul a significant amount of stuff around with you, especially books

 Leather Chest Bags Are A Fashion Statement

Everything you wear outside the house, including your clothes, sunglasses, tie clip and even your man bag, are all are fashion choices, and all leave you open to the judgement of others. Hopefully, you don't take their judgement too seriously, but I also hope that you take enough pride in your appearance to pick a trendy and stylish leather chest bag that will compliment your man wardrobe.

If you chose a bag that is a good fit, then chances are it's a man bag that'll serve your style for years, even after you move on to the next jeans or jacket. You must love it enough to want to take it out on the town with you.

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The first  man  bags we can identify in history come from foot messengers of ancient times, like the Romans, Persians, and Chinese. We can then trace its modern incarnation to the bags worn by the Pony Express in the old west. Later, in the 1950's, the equipment bags of utility linemen who climb the telephone poles to make repairs to telecommunications and electrical equipment became the forerunner to the messenger bags we see today.

But it was fashion designer, John Peters, who, in 1984, redesigned the cotton bags of the New York City Messenger Service to become an urban fashion statement among the in-crowd. His designs set the tone for the trend in which we're still living, carrying us through to the 21st century of men's handbag designs such as stylish leather chest bags.



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