What Do These Two Luxury Handbags Have In Common?

Image 1 - HERMES
Image 2 
So what do these two luxury handbags have in common?
Both are handcrafted in Europe (1 in Paris, 2 in Tuscany)
Both are made from exquisite leather (one crocodile the other calfskin)
Both are fuchsia pink 
Both have handles and are top opening
Both are sophisticated and chic
Both would make an ideal addition to your wardrobe
So why is one worth over $200,000 and the other sells for a mere $79.95?
Well one is a Hermes - that is why! It sold last year at auction
But for a fraction of the price you can have the same look, the same feel, the same leather smell. Check it out here 
And you could put a deposit on a house or buy an Aston Martin Car.

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