The Seven Keys To A Perfect Bag

We live in a society that is preoccupied with perfection. The perfect figure, the perfect clothes, the perfect score whether it is in education or in sport, the perfect career, perfect health, the perfect house, the perfect car, perfect kids, the perfect man, the perfect hostess. The list goes on! But what makes a perfect bag? 

The perfect bag

But yet in spite of this fascination, we tend to accept imperfection in most parts of our lives, leaving perfection to others. So, what features does the perfect bag need to makes it stand out in the crowd? A perfect bag is like the perfect man – it needs to fulfil a number of requirements. The perfect bag needs to be the model partner in every phase of your life and be in step with all your emotional, physical, intellectual and social desires.

The perfect bag should be pleasing to the eye but not over the top

Most people’s first impression of most things is their appearance. We all love a good-looking purse which catches the eye. But looks alone are not the only factor in choosing the perfect bag. Many people are obsessed by brand names but then you run the risk of bumping into someone else with the same purse. And why advertise someone else’s brand by having your purse covered in their logo.  For myself I like something that looks a little bit different from the rest – something that makes a statement about me.  If your perfect bag has excessive good looks there are drawbacks as well.  Maybe you will be afraid to use it regularly because it may get marked, tear, stretch or you may lose it.

The perfect bag should be timeless

The perfect bag should be timeless so that it is always in fashion. It should be made of top quality materials so that it always looks good. I think that leather is the fabric of choice because it lasts so much better. The style should be such that the style will look good for many years. Take the signature bags of Hermes and Channel for example – they are reproduced from year to year and still there is a line to get hold of one. Make sure that you chose a color you love and which is not a color that is fashionable today but may date quickly. Black or brown of course are always safe options.

The perfect bag should be functional 

Some bags look great, but are a real challenge to use. They stay on the shelf because are not functional or they are uncomfortable to wear. Many designers seem to aim for style first, function second, if at all. A common flaw in purses is the wearer's inability to find anything easily. The perfect purse should not only look good but it needs to be user friendly and comfortable to carry. There should be easy access to the things inside and lots of pockets for your cell phone and wallet etc. so you can organise your belongings effortlessly.  Make sure the bag is the right size to carry your daily essentials. Not too small so that it does not fit everything you need, and not too large and heavy. Do not be tempted to use every nook and cranny so that the weight of your belongings makes the bag too heavy to carry or cause the bag too become misshapen.

The perfect bag should not cause pain

Some bags are just too uncomfortable to wear and some even cause severe pain. Make sure your perfect bag is not too heavy so that it causes back or shoulder strain. The straps should be wide enough that they do not cut into your shoulders. The bag should feel comfortable when you wear it especially if you are out for a long time. And do not overload your bag because the extra weight is not good for you. Refer to is your large purse causing you pain?

The perfect bag should be easy to keep looking good

The perfect bag should also be easy to maintain so that you are not having to spend hours looking after it to retain its original beauty and keep it looking good. Features such as stain resistant leather and dust bags to store the bag in are important features. All bags need some degree of maintenance but don’t let it be over the top so you spend more time nurturing your bag rather than it nurturing you! Once again, I recommend leather because it is much more durable than other fabrics and reasonably easy to clean and keep conditioned so that the leather is always soft and supple. Refer to tips on how to clean and store your bags

The perfect bag should be versatile

The perfect bag should be multipurpose and versatile enough to match with all fashion styles as well as complement your every style making you look good. Bags that only go with one or two outfits are definitely out. Don’t chose a handbag with limited potential. The one exception to this rule is that you don't want a purse to be too convenient for others where everyone wants to borrow it. Sharing is good but it doesn’t have to include your perfect bag.

The perfect bag should be value for money

The perfect bag should be value for money, and in that regard it does not need to be a brand name. When you buy a brand-name purse you are paying for the name not necessarily the quality and design of the perfect bag itself. I know it is desirable to have the same bag as princesses, celebrities and stars. They are splashed all over social media carrying a Hermes or a Chanel or some other brand. But these stars are often given the perfect bag for marketing purposes and the ones who pay the over the top prices for these bags are you and me. I read an article lately that described how even celebrities these days are opting for a perfect bag which represents quality and value for money rather a brand name.

There are many designer bags available at a fraction of the cost of a Hermes or a Chanel which can make you look good and feel good. They are made from top quality leather, often in the same factories as the top fashion houses use, so the workmanship is first class as well. These bags are styled and designed on what social media is highlighting as the latest fashion so these bags are stylish and trendy.

So, when you next want to purchase your perfect bag, and you have a restricted budget like most of us, there is no need to break the bank – look for  designer inspired bag which represents top quality, trendy style and value for money. It is easy and safe to buy online.

The good thing about shopping at the Large Purse Shop is that out bags are so cheap and such good quality and so trendy you can afford to have more than one perfect bag!

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