Women Are Opting For Smaller Designer Handbags and Miniatures

Large purses are well known to cause back and shoulder pain, and especially if you carry too much in the they can cause serious injury. So many women are now opting for smaller designer handbags and even miniature bags.

Smaller designer handbags

How small is too small?

Fashion is a industry where things are often taken to their logical extremes. While some women are likely still paying off their orthopedic bills from the enormous bag trend of the late 2000's, things have now swung back firmly in the other direction; brands of all types are now making smaller designer handbags and even some that are small enough to be considered decorative accessories for other bags.

For brands, the upside to these smaller designer handbags are twofold. First, they provide entry-level customers a way to buy one of the brand's bags without quite hitting the price tag of a normal-sized purse, but they don't do the kind of damage to a brand's air of exclusivity that monogram canvas bags at lower price points tend to. It's a "special little piece," not a less-expensive, logo-covered canvas bag.

Second, these smaller designer handbags provide a new product tier for the highest-end customers. If you're already a devoted buyer of hi-end bags, then why wouldn't you buy an adorable little miniature to hang from the new spring bag you're already buying? At a certain consumer level, adding another $1,500 to a purchase price doesn't make people blink, especially if it makes a customer feel like she's getting something extra and ultra-fashionable.

For the consumers who fall in between those two groups, though, these bags are just bags, and that means they're all intended to carry stuff in some way, shape or form. The miniature bag sizes only do that with varying levels of success. Most women want to be able to fit keys, an I-phone and some personal stuff, so they are opting for smaller size bags rather than miniatures.

The fact is that when handbag manufactures sell bags so tiny they are not usable and charge such huge prices the  buyer needs to  beware. I personally  find nothing at all appealing about the tiny bags. Status symbols or symbols of women who have more dollars than sense? Fancy spending $1500 on a bag that holds nothing. The only justification for these tiny purses is that they are meant to be charms for your bigger bags.

Many women acknowledge that unless they carry their iPhone in their hand, they will probably never use those miniature bags. And this is why smaller designer handbags are becoming so popular.

And although miniatures and smaller designer handbags are cute in theory, they are impracticable when you have kids.but I have two kids. They are just not functional, and I find that they take away from a bag when they’re attached on the outside of it.

While I’m REALLY glad that the trend of “suitcase masquerading as handbag” seems to be on the wane, the pendulum is swinging to far with miniature bags. I refuse to buy any bag that won’t hold both my iPhone and my sunglasses without crushing them.

Designer handbags are fashion but they still have to have some function. Miniature bags are really cool, but really  I think of them as expensive wallets.
My absolute favorite mini is the Celine Nano. It is cute and holds a ton. Unfortunately the price is very close to the larger models, not much of a break there.

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